Making Requirements Possible

Xibo is designed to be extensible with
modular widgets and a full-featured API.

Our professional software development team are working full time on the Xibo road map, bringing new features to the community and our customers. We have intimate knowledge of the software and would be happy to apply this to your development requirements. We’ve designed Xibo to be extensible with Modular Widgets and a full-featured API, making most requirements possible!

Custom Widgets

Got a great idea for a new Widget? Discuss it with us and have our development team build it for you.​

Integration Projects

Need to integrate with a 3rd party system? Using the Xibo API we can connect to most of the systems.

Priority Development

Found a reported issue and like it to progress immediately. Discuss & sponsor its development into the next release.

Discuss Your Requirements

Please provide us with a few brief details.

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